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Family Courts


Family Courts:

  • Providing legal advice for all types of family courts.
  • Spousal and child support lawsuits.
  • Cases of proof of custody and its cancellation.
  • Marital dwelling rental lawsuits and their increase.
  • Driver’s fare lawsuits, saving a car for the children, and furnishing a house.
  • State and guardianship claims.
  • Common money division lawsuits among the heirs.
  • Lawsuits for tuition and medical expenses.
  • Cases of cancellation of marriage contract and divorce.
  • Filial vision suits.
  • Marital obedience claims and proof of disobedience.
  • Inheritance claims.
  • Claims to prove or deny lineage.
  • Claims for changing or adjusting names.
  • Cases of proof of marriage or divorce.